Customer Testimonials


Dawn Hartmann ~ Spokane, WA

"Air-Pipe was our previous Internet provider.  Cougar is much faster & I have no reservations about referring others."

Paul M ~ Spokane, WA

"I was using Cricket Wireless and Dial-up.  The service from Cougar has been more reliable and faster."

Connie Paulson ~ Spokane, WA

"Previously we had our service with Air-Pipe.  Cougar Wireless delivers a faster service at a better rate."

Del Johnston ~ Spokane, WA

"Verizon was unreliable and slow.  I find Cougar to be fast and reliable.  Their service is extremely GOOD!"

Lori Olson ~ Spokane, WA

"We used to use Verizon.  Now we have no limits!  Cougaqr Wireless support is the best ever!"

Bruce Kittredge ~ Spokane, WA

"Downloading pictures and content with our previous provider was very slow.  Cougar Wireless is ahuge improvement at about the same price as our previous service."