About Us


Carrier Grade Fiber

We partner with some of the biggest names in the Internet industry to bring low cost carrier grade fiber optic network speeds to your front door.

Many customer links operate with fewer than 3-hops to the network edge creating an efficient way to bring fiber optic speeds to customers who will likely not have access to such fiber optic performance any other way. 

We build out the difficult links to reach those who are often overlooked by major carriers.


Affordable Installations

The wireless industry is constantly changing with amazing leaps forward in connective technologies.

Cougar Wireless stays at the forefront of these innovations and we deploy the most practical, reliable and cost effective technologies you'll find anywhere. 

A Standard Installation is typically less than $100 which brings an affordable Internet solution for the rural customer marketplace.


Absolutely No Data Caps

Whether you are a novice Internet user requiring a budget minded solution or perhaps you enjoy stretching your technology legs to enjoy all that the Internet has to offer we have a solution that is right for you.

Call today and take your Internet connectivity to the next level.