A Quick Word From The Owners Of Cougar Wireless

We would just like to take a moment to discuss some of our thoughts and  philosophy about conducting business in our local community.


Cougar Wireless offers the fastest internet at the lowest costs of any other provider offering internet services in our outlying rural communities.  Cougar Wireless specializes in delivering unparalleled internet service that is 100%, uncut, and uncompromised. 


We don't provide phone service because we're not a phone company.  We don't provide television services because we're not a T.V. station.  We are internet specialists.  If you had a plumbing leak, you'd hire a plumber.  If you required brain surgery, you'd hire a brain surgeon.  If you require fast internet at a great price, you'd call Cougar Wireless!


We pay close attention to our competition to make certain WE are bringing you the BEST internet plans with the BEST pricing and terms.


The Cougar Wireless "Handshake And A Promise" - We promise never to attempt to lure you with tantalizing specials and introductory pricing for a short period and then jack them up like crazy later on.  We promise never to "bundle" your life with obscure language, contract terms and shady deals.  The price you sign for at the time of service is the price you pay PERIOD.  No games and no gimmicks.  Just fast and reliable internet!


Why do we do business this way?  We have to.  We don't run our business from a thousand miles away.  We are a local company run by local employees.  We conduct our business with friends and neighbors right here in our own backyard.  There is actually a good chance we might actually see our customers at Church or the local grocery store.  Have a problem? - The owners of Cougar Wireless are just an email or a phone call away.  We live where you live. 


If you can get that type of "personal touch" through another business we say sign up for their services because they are probably local too and your support of them or us creates local jobs and local opportunities for our community, not some unreachable distant corporate stronghold  half a world away!


God Bless!



Charles & Janet Hughes

Owners, Cougar Wireless  


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