Total Protection For Your Desktops/Laptops


As many of you are aware, Cougar Wireless is owned and operated by its' parent corporation, Hughes Computer Services, Inc. (

Hughes Computer Services, Inc. got its start providing excellent computer based repair services way back in 2002.  It was through providing years of excellent service and dedication to simply doing things better that allowed for Cougar Wireless to eventually be born in 2009.

Starting in 2014, Hughes Computer Services, Inc. is going to be offering an amazing discount of 50% off to Cougar Wireless customers who elect to be enrolled in our Equipment Protection Program and find themselves in need of computer repair services.


For questions relating to PC Services please contact Hughes Computer Services, Inc. at: 509-443-6916

(Be sure to tell them you are a Cougar Wireless customer with Equipment Protection)

Who Is Eligible?

That's the easy part.

Step 1.  Be a Cougar Wireless customer.

Step 2.  Select our optional Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) for just $4.99/Mo. which covers the wireless radio equipment we installed at your location against acts of nature and power fluctuations.

Step 3.  Ummmm, there is no step 3.  See, it really is that easy!  :-)

How Does It Work?

Hughes Computer Services, Inc. offers a wide range of computer and network related services, both through our retail location conveniently located on Spokane's South Hill next to Ace Hardware and Rite-Aid in addition to our onsite services should you require assistance at your location.

HCS offers both commercial and residential services so you know your covered whether your computing needs are for work or play.

50% Off of What You Ask?  If it is a service HCS provides, you pay half of what every other person pays.

As an example:  Let's say you have a desktop computer that was severely infected with viruses and it is making you miserable.  Normally you would need to backup all of your data, wipe everything off your hard drive, reload the operating system from scratch, install your drivers, Windows Critical Updates, reinstall all of your software and then when all that is finished, you would need to transfer all of your data back onto your system.  This process from start to finish is normally $169.99 with a 2-3 Day turn around for most jobs.

As a Cougar Wireless customer with EPP, your bill would only come to $84.99 for that exact same job.

The same goes for data migrations from old to new systems, general troubleshooting, system upgrades, etc..

Use your new discount for one system, or every system you own.  There is no limit. 

Now you have another reason to enjoy being a Cougar Wireless customer!

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