Now With Two Standard Connect Accounts Groups To Choose From

Effective May 1st, 2013, Cougar Wireless introduces 2-types of service level groups.

Cougar Speed/Pricing Plans

Click Image To View Cougar Plan Types

Accounts Up To 40 MB Burst

Accounts Starting At $39.99/Month

1-Year Contract

*One-Time $99.99 Standard Installation Fee

***Taxes & Regulatory Surcharges Not Included


Corporate Pricing Plans


Click Image To View Corporate Plan Types

Speeds Range From 50 Mbps Up To 1 Gbps

Accounts Starting At $1,299.99/Month

2-3 Year Contract

Installation Costs Vary

(Typically Not Used For Residential Service)

Typical Equipment Types Used - Size & Type Depend On Distance To Access Point





* The installation prices listed above are representative of 97% of all installations.  Occasionally we are contacted by customers who require either a specialized radio or may require a more complex installation routine.  Either of these rare scenarios are quoted on a case by case basis.  For these "special"  installations, we will provide you a firm price quote prior to your installation.
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