Select How You Will Connect To Cougar From The Options Below

Cougar customers fall into 1 of 2 connection types dictated by how they will connect to our service. 


Standard Connect - Cougar Wireless has large central towers that are primarily used to connect customers that are geographically dispersed across a broad rural area. 


Community Connect - Cougar Wireless has deployed services to many townships that are quite densely populated, but are still rural in nature.  We are currently offering Community Connect Pricing in the following townships of Spangle, Fairfield, Waverly, Latah, Plaza and Rosalia, ONLY.  When and if more are added we will update this list.


If you live within one of the townships listed in the Community Connect Group select "Community Connect" below for related installation and pricing schedules.  If you do not live within one of the townships listed in the " Community Connect" groups, select the "Standard Connect option below.


Please contact our office if you are uncertain as to which group you fall into and our staff will assist you.

Standard Connect Pricing Plans


Accounts Up To 40 MB Burst

Accounts Starting At $39.99/Month

1-Year Contract

*Installation Costs $99.99

***Taxes & Regulatory Surcharges Not Included

Community Connect Pricing Plans


Account Speeds Up To 30 Mbps

Accounts Starting At $27.99/Month

  No Annual Contract Commitment 

*Installation Costs - $89.99

***Taxes & Regulatory Surcharges Not Included

** The installation prices listed above are representative of 97% of all installations.  Occasionally we are contacted by customers who require either a specialized radio or may require a more complex installation routine.  Either of these rare scenarios are quoted on a case by case basis.  For these "special"  installations, we will provide you a firm price quote prior to your installation.


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