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Individual Survey Inquiry


If you are interested in receiving Cougar Wireless internet, but you're not sure if you can get our service, click the link below and fill out the information for a No-Cost, No Obligation Site Evaluation.


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Reach-Out Program


Do you live in a neighborhood or small community that is interested in

high-speed internet services, but every company you talk to says, "No"?


Cougar Wireless has created the "Reach-Out" program just for you and your neighbors.  Here's how it works. 


Cougar Wireless is a business and as a business, we push hard to get to where we have interested customers.  If we have a community of 10-homes where only one person has expressed interest, it is likely we will not custom build our network for the sake of just one.  However, if neighbors get together and show us their interest level, we can easily justify building out to "Groups" much better than individuals.


So, talk to your neighbors.  Tell them that Cougar Wireless will "Reach-Out" to your neighborhood if interest levels are high.  Have them visit our website and Click The Link Below.  Each submission gets converted to a pushpin and when we have enough pushpins for an area we build our network out to you.


How many neighbors does it take?  Cougar Wireless has custom built our network out to as few as 3-homes.  Every submission matters!


 Fill Out Neighborhood Survey Request



We want to hear from you!

"No really!  We really do want to hear from our customers.  It's obviously nice to hear compliments from our customers, but  we are honestly bigger fans of constructive criticisms. 


The simple truth is that every monumental leap forward in the quality of customer service has ALWAYS come from customer complaints.  Not a popular thing to say, but it is the honest thing to say.


If a successful business is a ship then the customers it has are its compass.  Wind blows, water churns, visibility can worsen, but we believe if we put faith in our "compass" we will weather the storm and arrive at our destination safely.


If you have a thought on how we can serve you better we want to know."



Your Cougar Wireless Team


Meet The Owners

Janet H.

President, Cougar Wireless

As a Co-Owner, Janet brings 15+ years of retail management experience with 9-years as the co-owner/operator of 4 other Information Technology companies based right here in Spokane, WA.


Janet oversees the daily financials, human resource matters, and customer relations side of Cougar Wireless.


If it involves Cougar Wireless, Janet plays a major role in it getting done!

Charles H.

Vice President of Operations, Cougar Wireless

As a Co-Owner and Founder, Charles brings 10+ years of Information Technology experience to Cougar Wireless.  In addition to Cougar Wireless, Charles is also the founder and co-owner of 4 other IT related businesses in the Spokane, WA area. 


Charles is responsible for finding the solutions to reach the outlying communities we have provided service to so far and works diligently to find new ways to reach those we have not.


Charles is dedicated to being able to provide affordable true high-speed internet to the rural communities around Spokane.


Charles is also a former United States Marine and we are grateful for his service.



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