A Few Words About Us

Just how did Cougar Wireless come to be?

The Cougar Wireless Team has a combined average of nearly 30-years in the Information Technology field.  Added to that, when we first started all of the Cougar Wireless team members lived outside the Spokane city limit so we really understood the lack of availability of true high-speed internet services at affordable pricing.


We contacted our existing wireless providers in the area to see about faster speeds OR lower costs OR more availability and had one or all of the "doors" closed on us repeatedly.


So rather than sitting around complaining that someone else should develop a high-speed, cost effective, and highly available internet service for folks like us, we decided to build it ourselves.


After much discussion among ourselves, friends, neighbors, and customers we discovered very quickly we were not alone.


And so, Cougar Wireless was born in November 2009.




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