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Welcome to Cougar Wireless

The Fastest Fixed Wireless Internet Provider

In The Spokane & Surrounding Areas

Mission Statement:
Cougar Wireless is committed to providing the most reliable, affordable and fastest high-speed wireless internet available in Eastern Washington.  Where other ISP's (Internet Service Providers) stop, Cougar Wireless starts.

Our Technology

Using 802.11x technologies with the proper application of high-powered radios and antennas our equipment has achieved our Enterprise Class Performance at distances in excess of 90-km (55-miles). 


Compare that to other wireless companies whose systems are designed to achieve 40-km (25 Miles) at a fraction of the bandwidth.



Our wireless technology implements 802.11i WPA2 AES Encryption.  Using 128-Bit Block Ciphers, the Cougar Wireless Network utilizes the most robust standard of encryption commercially available for wireless deployments.


How Secure Is It? 


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has conducted extensive analysis of the AES 128-Bit Cryptographic Module and found it superior to all its predecessors.  So much so, AES has been rated "Adequate" for Federal Government applications up through CLASSIFIED SECRET. 


Additionally, NIST has concluded that 128-Bit AES cryptographic modules to provide adequate encryption until beyond calendar year 2031.


How Fast Is It?


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While many of our peer-wireless providers in the local area are respectable organizations, their technology infrastructures limit their ability to provide high-bandwidth services at a price point that can be enjoyed by the majority of people in the areas serviced.


In many cases the cost for their services are twice that of regular DSL/Cable services and at a fraction of the speed of DSL/Cable services.  Is this wrong?  Not necessarily wrong, just expensive because the technology they use is expensive which forces them to pass that cost on to the consumer.


Cougar Wireless has developed a smarter and less expensive way to deploy wireless services with faster speeds with equal (and often times better) reliability.

Lower Cost & Faster Speeds!  While wireless companies across the nation talk about this concept, Cougar Wireless has deployed it.


Rural consumers have too long been "punished" for living beyond big city limits and for too long these small and often isolated communities have gone ignored by the "major" ISPs.


Cougar Wireless prides itself on "Building To The Customer" more than any competing wireless provider in the area.  Where most wireless internet service providers (WISP's) typically install Wi-Fi Radios on a tower and say, "Hey, if you can see our tower, great.  If not, too bad." 


Cougar Wireless takes it several steps further and in many cases have developed custom "reach-out" solutions to expand our network to as few as 3-homes in a remote location.




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